The Greg Matthews Story

Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews is a Nashville native ( aka: a Unicorn ) singer/songwriter. They say that Nashville is a “10 year town” for making it in the music business, and Greg arrived on the scene in 1964 at the tender young age of Zero!  Growing up in Music City, his life has always had an accompanying soundtrack. Between his parent’s eclectic album collection

(which played daily on the family console stereo), and watching his dad play guitar and singing all the time, Greg’s love for music was unavoidable. Learning to play guitar in the early 70’s, he was heavily impacted by the singer/songwriter superstars of the day. The music of John Denver, James Taylor, and Jim Croce, to name a few, sparked his fascination with songwriting, and he has been trying to explain and express himself with lyrics and melodies ever since.

After many attempts and failures at trying to do something with his music professionally, Greg finally gave up on “the dream”. He could not however stop his love for writing, playing and singing. Deciding to go out and find some places to play just for fun and maybe meet a few new likeminded friends, he stumbled into hosting a songwriter showcase at the Red Line Bar and Grill in Bellevue, TN. He very quickly began co-writing with some incredibly talented people, started playing in writer rounds all over town, and became surrounded by an amazing circle of friends within the Nashville songwriting community. The Dream started to wake up again!

And just like that everything came to stop. A Covid-19 related respiratory crisis brought him right up to the finish line in May 2021. After 15 days in ICU, five of which were spent unconscious and on a ventilator, he returned home and began the month’s long process of rehab and recovery. With the incredible love and support of his wife Jamie, his family, and a host of friends, he got back on his feet and back to writing and playing. Through a series of “happy accidents” (which strongly resembled Divine intervention!) Greg was offered the opportunity to begin recording and releasing his music on Black Ribbon Records as a recording artist on September 15, 2021! It only took 57 years to be an overnight success! #oldguysrule

Greg’s first single, Jingling All the Way, has just been released to radio and all streaming platforms in time for the 2021 Christmas Season! Production has already begun on his first album, and we look forward to sharing it with you after the New Year!

The Journey of a Nashville Songwriter